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Waterfall is dead ... or is it?

{% img right http://www.daniel-rosendorf.de/images/waterfall_medium.jpg %} After working about 6 years on a project for one of our customers the time for me to move on has finally come.

My employer stays the same but I’ll switch to a new project and it really may be a new project in the sense of that theres is not a single line of code written at the moment. We are currently in the state of creating a quote for this new project and there it hit me again: Waterfall … or at least something like it.

But first, a little bit of background: For the last 6 years I worked in an environment that required us to be agile (even if we did not know the right name for it at that time). For the whole of my professional live up until this day I’m used to changing requirements and short deadlines.

But now it looks like in the next project this will change. Not. To be honest, I can not believe in a project where requirements will not change as soon as the customer actually gets to see the product. But I also know that the 1.5 projects I’ve done so far are not nearly enough to be used as a base for such a strong opinion.

Whatever happens, I’ll blog about it.

Image courtesy of baaker2009.