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Running Nancy with Kayak in a simple console application

Here we go again …

In the last few days a did some smaller experiments for a new project idea that is spooking around in my head. One of those was to try and get Nancy up and running with Kayak in a simple console application.

This post from Louis DeJardin provided a good place to start. Most of the post ist still current but there are some changes you have to make to get this up and running. I have no “official” information but I had to change the provided code in the KayakStarter class from this (taken from Louis post):

to this:

Did you spot the difference? The only change is the third parameter of the call to the Gate.Hosts.Kayak.KayakGate.Start method. This makes the non-working example files from the NuGet package working again, but it also seems like the Startup class is not used anymore.

Maybe someone with more experience in Kayak/OWIN can shed some light on this?