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4 simple rules


I’m feeling quite depressed the last few days and I really do not know the cause of this. Vacation with my family was nice (although my wife was glad when I started working again ;-) and there are no other big factors in my life that pull me down that much. At least that’s what I think … So I decided to do a little experiment this week.

The rules

It’s easy, just 4 simple rules to follow:

  1. Go to bed (and sleep) at 10 pm.
    No staying up late.
  2.     *Get up at 5.30 am.*  
    That’s not too much of a problem as the kids are up this early as well :-)
  3.     *Do not drink more than 4 cups of coffee during the day.*  
    This will be harder, because I’m quite addicted to coffee during my working hours.
  4.     *Take time to work on your private projects.*  
    I have severall ideas of website and tools I want to build and it is time to start (and finish) at least one of those.

What are the expectations?

I hope that this will help me loosing those quite depressive (and also quite disturbing) feelings. I don’t know if it will work, but it’s at least worth a try. Wish me luck :-)