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Week 11, 2014

As detailed in this previous post I am going to blog about my goals for this week (as they are related to work and mildly relevant to you). What I start with today is also a review of the previous week. Oh, and by the way: The reviews will cover any other work related happening I decide to include (almost like a journal) besides the previous weeks goals. So, on to actual content ;-)

The review

First, the goals:

  1. The tools blog post: I started it, but I am not yet sure on what level of detail I am going to write about this. I will very probably do just a short overview together with links and later go into more details (in additional blog posts).
  2. The prototype: I started it and in the course dove a little into jQuery UI and the draggable, droppable and resizable widgets. Interesting stuff, but learning new things always makes me slow ;-)

Additionally, after 3 months on working on a rather interesting project that project got put on hold by our customer. I hope that is temporary because the project and the technologies used are quite interesting. I learned a lot in those months, so let’s hope that the project continues.

The goals

The goals for this week are rather similar to those last week:

  1. Finish the blog post.
  2. Finish the prototype.

Also for the future I will try and choose goals that are actually doable for me in the coming week.

That’s all folks.