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As I said last week I am going to talk a little bit about the tools I currently use/have installed on my dev machine. “Tools” in this case meaning almost everything, from languages/compilers to actual utilities and powershell scripts.

And to be honest, this is more for my own benefit as I need to keep track of all that so that I can rebuild it if necessary.

This will be just a list with links to the corresponding blog posts (or whatever) that helped me set the software up, so do not expect too much.

Here we go …

Command line

I am a fan of the command line interface. Not a wizard, but a fan. So here is a short overview over my setup:

  1. Cmder as a host for my standard Powershell console.

  2. msysgit. The only true SCM ;-) in its official windows version.

  3. Powershell (of course) with some custom scripts and extensions in my profile:

    • find-to-set-alias to set various aliases for Visual Studio and Sublime Text.

    • PsGet

    • PowerShell Community Extensions

    • posh-git

    • I also have a line with a call to vcvarsall.bat in my PS profile:

      Invoke-BatchFile "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86

      This makes msbuild et al available so I can build most VS solutions from the shell as well.

    • Also ssh-agent is started when I start a Powershell session as described in this post by Phil Haack.

  4. Chocolatey. More or less the apt-get of the windows world ;-)

  5. scriptcs. Write C# like it is a scripting language. Nice to play around with.


  1. .NET Framework (and various corresponding SDKs, of course).
  2. nodejs. For all the JS development that I never come around to.
  3. Ruby. You are not hip anymore without Ruby. Install with the RubyInstaller for Windows.
  4. Python. Nothing to say here.


  1. Visual Studio
  2. Sublime Text 3. I use that one for everything I do not use VS for ;-)

That is all for now, but I am almost positively sure that I missed something, so I will very probably update this post in the future.