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Week 13, 2014

So, what was up with last week? No post on monday and also no review. Well, I got kind of “sucked into” a training course for ELO. It was interesting and also kept me away from my computer for the last week ;-). So without any further deviations on to the review and the goals for this week.

The review

  1. The blog post is done, have a look!
  2. The prototype … well, its still a prototype and I sadly did not find any time in the last two weeks to work on it.

To be honest, I do not remember too much of the week before last, other than doing a rather satisfactory refactoring on a client project (actually, that was all I did that week ;-). It just feels good when you can replace an overly complex solution with a simpler one that has exactly the same functionality.

The training course last week was interesting although it covered just the basics. I heard that there is an advanced one covering scripting that I will probably attend as well. Let us see where this ends …

The goals

  1. Advance the prototype (depending on the time I have left over this week).
  2. Find a topic for the next blog post.

The goals explain themselves, so I will not go into more detail here.

And now on to a new week.