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Week 21, 2014

Ok, it has been a while since my last weekly post. What happened? Well, work happened, as always. Also something big changed in my personal life. In between there was another ELO training which kept me busy for a whole week and now there are introductions into a new (old) project. So, now review this time because I actually do not really remember the work done in the last view weeks. But the goals are still here ;-).

The goals

  1. There will be blog post this week. A good colleague of mine and me talked about a little architectural solution and I want to test that out. And I will not keep the results or the process to myself.
  2. Finish a very little project (a windows service with self-hosted web to control status and run jobs). This will probably end up in a blog post too ;-).
  3. Do some work.

On this note: Of to do some work, have a nice week!