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I need someone to watch my back


Writing code alone is not easy for me. I tend to get carried away or run into dead ends without someone occasionally steering my back to where I actually should be headed.

A little bit of an introduction

Yesterday I had a talk with a coworker of mine. Somehow we reached the topic of software development and teams in general and I started to talk about how I’m not good in writing code when I do not have someone to help me.

Working alone sucks

And that is coming from me, a self-proclaimed introvert ;-). The problem is that you do not get to talk about your problems the way you sometimes just have to do to think them through from end to end. Also you do not have anyone that immediately sees your code, hence no incentive to actually keep it clean and readable.

Why do you actually need this?

Because I’m lazy. Actually taking care of your code is WORK (no way, really??) and takes time, but it pays off in the long run. Nevertheless one tends to just skip it if he has as much to do as I do in my current project. So a second developer in this case is more of a watch dog. Or not. Of course the additional help is appreciated as well ;-).