Learning something new

Published on 04 März 2015


I've been coding in C# for more than 10 years now and last week I realized that I feel at home in this language. I feel comfortable in the language, but strangely I do not feel comfortable with this feeling itself ;-)

What's been happening

For the last few weeks I've been involved in a project customizing a DMS for a customer. This customization is mostly done in a strange combination of Java and JavaScript. After a few weeks of coding, I had an excuse to work with C# again and this felt like seeing the day after a very long night. I feel at home when I'm coding C#. Maybe that's because of the almost 10 years of experience I have in that language. But this also made me think. It's time to learn something new, to increase the size of my comfort zone.

The list

So here are a few things I want to delve into in the near and not so near future:

  • Elixir
    A quite new language based on Erlang/OTP which should make it the perfect language to implement a web API. The idea is to use the Études for Elixir ebook as an outline for the exercises to get into the language. The solutions will be available on the my corresponding repository on Github.

  • Aurelia
    A new JavaScript client framework developed Rob Eisenberg which looks very nice. The Get Started Guide should provide a pretty good introduction.

Other things on the list include flexbox layouts (which should also help me get into CSS in general ;-), React, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

That should pretty much keep my from being bored outside of my day job, so let's see how this works out.